No, All Games are Not Political

April 6, 2017Brad Glasgow0

Some are arguing that all games are political. The creators of the two best selling games ever made say otherwise. Check out this editorial deconstructing the notion that all games are political.

Matt Lees

Matt Lees Helped Create Gamergate

December 1, 2016Brad Glasgow19

He advocates against Gamergate. His actions support it. In yet another useless column on The Guardian, Matt Lees, a British game journalist, writes about the importance of understanding Gamergate (archive link) as a precursor to […]


No, Gamergate is Not Right Wing

November 21, 2016Brad Glasgow2

You were sent here because you think Gamergate is right wing. You are wrong. (I have shamelessly stolen the idea and format for this piece from Ken White over at Popehat, who wrote a worthwhile […]