Hello! I am Brad Glasgow, a freelance journalist and now it appears I’ve become a blogger. I have created this site as a place to write my style of game journalism, which leans toward the old school. My writing is almost always research-based and data-driven and I tend to leave it to the reader to come to his or her own conclusions. Nearly every major publishing website out there is agenda-driven and politically motivated. They either pander to the progressive left or the conservative right. That leaves those of us in the reasonable middle searching for sanity. This blog is my expression of sanity.

Game Objective means two things to me:
1. I have built a reputation as an objective journalist, willing to treat the subjects about which I write fairly and without preconceived bias. That does not mean I’m perfectly objective. I have many strong opinions and I’ll be writing about them on this site. But when approaching a subject I will try my hardest to abide by fair, honest, and transparent nonpartisan journalistic practices.

Throwing frisbee to the dog.
Among my favorite activities: frisbee with my dog.

Also, game journalists tend to loathe the concept of objectivity, so this is a bit of a troll. 🙂 They say that objectivity is impossible and that it is silly to even make the attempt. They might be right, but I believe it is at least worth a try.

2. I am generally an objective-based gamer. I need a goal, something to shoot for. I gravitate toward action games and RPG’s. I can appreciate the appeal of puzzle and sandbox games, but in a game like The Sims once I have achieved my goals in the game I get bored. So after months of thinking of a name for this website, I finally found one that I believe fits me and my style of writing perfectly.

Subjects you will find here:

  • Game culture – Gaming has its own unique, complex culture, filled with its own politics, controversies, celebrities, and more. If you’ve ever experienced Nintendo thumb, or if you’ve searched for whether your thermal paste should be a pea or a line, you’re part of it.
  • Gaming – Straight up games and the love of. You should know off the bat that I’m a game fanboy. While I can be critical of games, I can think of very few “bad” games that I’ve played.
  • Social media – Part of gaming culture.
  • Entertainment – I may talk about Star Wars, DC television shows, Marvel Netflix shows, or just write a piece about a 911 call made to report a walking inflatable dick and balls.
  • Politics – In general I keep away from politics. Gaming and social media are filled with people who think they can and should change the world through their political opinions. I believe that for the most part, you are here because you’re interested in gaming and geekery, and if you wanted politics you know of many other places to go. Sometimes, however, it is important for us to address politics in between our gaming, like the controversy over video game violence and regulation, for example. Politics are, after all, the ultimate game.

This blog is not intended to compete with gaming news sites. You will see real journalism here, but I remain a freelance journalist and I still hope to publish on other sites. A lot of my work, especially dealing with gaming culture, doesn’t fit well with other sites, and those of you used to seeing my work on Allthink will now see that work moved here, where I can actually make a dollar off of it with my own ad revenue. 🙂 Which reminds me, if this place is to stay open and active, I will depend on that ad revenue. The more I get, the more active this place will be. Please turn off your adblocker for this site! If you have any trouble with any of the ads I’m running, please let me know and I’ll fix it immediately.

I am writing both for the great enjoyment I get out of it, as well as for your entertainment. So please let me know if you have any criticism, suggestions, or praise for anything I do! Thank you for being part of Game Objective!