A Month of Waiting for a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s new game console, the Nintendo Switch, releases on March 3. Fans line the block to buy the new console at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza. They’re bundled up to keep warm for the day, but that’s only one day they have to wait. For Alex Pekala, today marks a whole month of waiting.

19-year-old Pekala, who goes by the name “Captain Nintendo Dude,” decided last December that he wanted to be first to purchase the Nintendo Switch. Instead of waiting at his local game store in Wisconsin, he decided to travel to New York.

Pekala crowdfunded more than $2,000 from his YouTube fans. Funds weren’t the only thing he needed help with. He reached out to 29-year-okd Isiah “Triforce” Johnson, the Guinness World Record holder for attending the most midnight launches. Johnson knows what it takes to be the first in line. He did it in 2012 for Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii U. He laid out a plan for Pekala back in January.

After a month of rain, snow and cold for his Nintendo Switch, Pekala plans to continue to upload new videos to YouTube, which is now his full-time job.

  • william

    You all sounded exactly like NPR. Was this an intentional format choice, or a winking parody? Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me!