Deconstructing Motherboard’s Awful Gamergate Editorial

Game Objective

In this video Brad discusses the numerous ways in which Motherboard got it wrong.

Some points I should have made in the video:

  • I mentioned that two of the three days he looked at on Kotaku in Action were the two days following the US presidential election. What I failed to catch was that the third day was the day before the inauguration of the president – thanks to HandofBane, a moderator from Kotaku in Action for noticing! The writer says he picked three days at random. I don’t believe him.
  • It’s in my reply included in the video, but I should make it clear that Gamergate is indeed about more than just video games. Of course it is. It’s a culture war or a battle within a greater culture war, depending on your perspective. But the one thing that Gamergate supporters have in common is that they play games. 99% of them do, according to my survey. And they play an average of 20 hours a week.
  • I failed to mention that my survey is much more than just a sampling of Kotaku in Action. Kotaku in Action, while extremely active, is not the entirety of Gamergate. Much of Gamergate resides only on Twitter. And then there is 4chan/8chan. I believe over half of my participants are Twitter users over Reddit users.
  • Kain Yusanagi

    Boo to video instead of article! 😛 (It’s not that bad)